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In recent years, the mobile platform has become as essential in commerce as brick-and-mortar outlets were, back in the day. The smartphone has gained massive popularity and is currently the most readily available gadget in the average consumer’s arsenal. It is now almost obligatory for businesses to be paired with their own mobile apps, in order to garner the modern consumer’s attention. While standalone mobile apps are operating system specific, web apps are developed using web standards and can be launched through a web browser on all platforms. Moreover, web applications come with the added advantage of data access from virtually anywhere, which eliminates your requirement for storage space. At Maverick, we understand the varied requirements of every individual business and thus our app development team is committed to creating state-of-the-art mobile and web apps in accordance to your business needs.

Main Key Area

Mobile & Web Apps

When it comes to app screens, design is one critical driver of consumer engagement. Our apps are created in tune with the modern designing trends including micro-interactions, gesture & motion control and layered interfaces. The light and aesthetic designs, implemented in our apps, remove distraction to help guide the end-user’s eye to meaningful content, on the app screen. We ensure that our apps warrant minimum user input so that transactions can be completed with minimal touches. By virtue of the shorter user flow and intuitive experience, we guarantee an increased rate of conversion and frequency of app opens.

Design & Development

Apps developed by Maverick are created to be compatible with a plethora of platforms and devices, including the up and coming wearables. We concentrate on cutting down loading time and creating fast and responsive apps. Easy usability, efficiency and interactive user interfaces are the key traits of our apps. Our apps are optimised to consume minimal data and occupy little storage space and are thus sure to make their way into your customers’ smartphones.


We recognise that the modern consumer values the convenience of shopping with a few touches on their smartphones. For apps dedicated towards m-commerce, we make sure to curtail distractions and focus on the innovative showcasing of products. We fixate on reducing the effort of the user and making the content of the app convincing. We specialize in optimising the user’s journey through the transaction, towards the goal of increasing our clients’ revenue generation.


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